Matthew Furman, Blog...

~May 12, 2012

10:23 PM:

Just got back from Grandma's funeral in Syracuse, NY. It was nice to see family I don't normally get to see, but I sure wish the occasion for the gathering was different. I still miss Grandma, but I know she's with me still watching down from Heaven. You know you're gone a few days when you have 118 new emails in Webmail... (most were facebook notifications and pictures I sent from my phone, but still took me awhile to reply and read my new messages). I although the trip was a sad occasion (it was a funeral) I did enjoy getting to see my family, like my little cousin Owen. He's a bit over a year old and he is sure growing up fast. Can't believe he's walking now... Whew! time sure flies... It was also nice to see my cousins Ella, Dale, & Dinah. They are growing up fast too, Dinah is almost ready to start 1st grade, Dale is one of the smartest 2nd graders (soon to be 3rd grader) I know. She's already finished the whole Harry Potter series, I was still on Captain Underpants and Junie B. Jones books when I was her age... Anyways, better get going to bed, was a long 11 hour car ride from Syracuse back to Cary so I better go catch some "Z's" but I must say I was quite impressed that my Cassette walkman lasted the whole trip without needing new batteries on top it being used with those same batteries a week before the trip. Good luck getting that battery life on a CD player or a new fancy MP3 device.