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I have now graduated High School...YAY!!!!

It's very exciting to have graduated High School ,but it is a bit scary too,being almost an adult, having to get ajob, get ready for college, etc. But I can do it. :-)

& just abit of advice for people going into high school, remember: just be yourself and going with the flow is not always best. Take it from me, I never just went with the flow. Iwas my self whether people liked it or not (thadid make it interesting and fun, plus it kept the teachers on their toes...) and I turned out just fine... & with all that homework and studying, remember to have fun too... (but still do your work) you only get 4 years of High School (better be 4 years anyway...) so make it fun and memorable!

>>>Click Here for Graduation Pictures...<<<

>>>Click here for the Graduation Pictures SlideShow<<<

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